Endorsements for The Missional Journey

Bob Logan, one of the fathers of the modern day church planting movement, along with Dave DeVries, takes us to the heart of what the missional journey is all about — the Kingdom of God, discipleship and multiplying movements.

The Missional Journey contains both key holistic principles and very practical selfcoaching and action steps.

What I love about The Missional Journey is that it’s not just a book, but something that you work through with other people.

The Missional Journey is a much needed call to action.

For too long, the church in North America has failed to make the connection between evangelism, church planting, missional living, sacrificial service and authentic discipleship. The Missional Journey does just that.

When Bob Logan has something to say, the rest of us have something to hear. With The Missional Journey, Bob circles back to what is foundational in our faith-a livedout missional life. I’m not one of those people who says “profound” very often, but I’m saying it here. As he has done for decades, Bob Logan supplies a workable guide that inspires us to effectively expand our reach.

In The Missional Journey, Bob Logan serves the church as an apostolic leader who shows us both the why and the way forward as the gospel is lived out through relevant missional communities.

Some people think they must choose between impacting a culture or developing authentic Christian community. This book is a remarkably innovative road map for developing both.

Conversations about what’s “missional” abound, but Bob Logan and Dave DeVries have moved the ball down the field with this eminently practical book on how missionality works out in practice. This volume is biblical, relevant, and comprehensive.

With years of practical experience and wisdom, Bob Logan stays on the cutting edge of issues that deeply affect the church. We have applied the principles of this book in our church to help us find ways to engage our culture and reorient the mindset of this body of believers.

The Missional Journey offers detailed, logical, and precise mileposts and questions needed to engage our culture with the gospel.

The Missional Journey is task theology at its finest. This is no ordinary missional book. It’s a missional manual, written by an outstanding practitioner who has been on the journey and guiding other sojourners for decades.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone making a paradigm shift from models set by highly institutionalized churches, or for anyone interested in being introduced to the missional church.

As a network leader, this is the practical missional resource I’ve been looking for.

Bob does it again! In his masterful way he has taken the hot, but often misunderstood, topic of being missional and has made it both understandable and practical for anyone who is on or wants to be on the missional journey.