Endorsements for The Missional Journey

The Missional Journey is task theology at its finest. This is no ordinary missional book. It’s a missional manual, written by an outstanding practitioner who has been on the journey and guiding other sojourners for decades.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone making a paradigm shift from models set by highly institutionalized churches, or for anyone interested in being introduced to the missional church.

As a network leader, this is the practical missional resource I’ve been looking for.

Bob does it again! In his masterful way he has taken the hot, but often misunderstood, topic of being missional and has made it both understandable and practical for anyone who is on or wants to be on the missional journey.

While the primary audience for this book is the missional church planter, network and denominational leaders will find the last chapter is worth the price of the book in itself.

Bob Logan and Dave DeVries have assembled the pieces of the puzzle for church planters who are not content to just put up a sign and do church.

Bob Logan is rare: he manages to be conceptual and comprehensive while giving us lots of practical, down-to-earth help. Bob an encouraging friend, coach and wise sounding board. I recommend The Missional Journey with the confidence that he will successfully help get you where you are called to go.

This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to embrace an incarnational approach to mission, anyone who is looking to embrace Jesus’ framework for mission.

The Missional Journey helps church planters and leaders ask the right questions.

In The Missional Journey, Bob clearly identifies the stages by which disciples are multiplied into movements. He punctuates his insights with inspiring stories taken from real situations…. Bob is spot on.

A great gem for established church pastors who want to catch a vision for wedding the growth and vitality of a healthy church plant with the strengths of their existing church. A combination of inspiring stories, visionary thinking, and practical strategies to transform the world.

Bob has done it again. He has captured a huge, comprehensive topic like building a movement of churches into four manageable chunks.

I’ve read a lot books on ministry but this might be the best. It’s a delight to see this wonderful synthesis and development of years of experience and research. Your ministry won’t be the same.

Taking an intentional journey, Bob has adapted his gift for systems thinking and laced it with a strong biblical foundation.

Bob Logan… presents a readable, holistic approach to church planting and church development that is practical and flexible.