Welcome to MissionalToolkit.com

So you want to take steps forward on the missional journey? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our desire is to help you to implement timeless and proven biblical principles —from engaging the culture to creating multiplying movements of Jesus-followers.

With processes that are flexible enough to be adapted to specific contexts while responsive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, you’ll discover how the missional journey works itself out along four related journeys:

  • Engaging culture
  • Forming missional communities
  • Developing leadership
  • Multiplying movements

Each of these journeys multiplies itself, and each branches off into the next. All four, taken together, make up the missional journey.

Our vision for many years now has been to help resource church planters to do the work of the Kingdom. That’s why Logan Leadership and Missional Challenge are partnering together in developing new tools and templates to help you accomplish your vision more effectively.

This website serves as a launching point for more resources to come—specifically The Missional Church Planters Toolkit, which will provide hands-on resources for church planters at each stage of the process.

Here are additional resources available to you and your team…

The Missional Journey book

A first step for you and your team is to process together how you are living out the Kingdom of God. How are you incorporating that essential Kingdom DNA into your ministry? What parts are missing? Which parts need more emphasis? What do you really believe about God, community, and the church? By working through The Missional Journey book with your group or team, you can help people see their roles in the larger kingdom of God, both corporately and individually. (Download a sample chapter.)

Missional coaching

Coaching is essential to empowering others to accomplish God’s purposes. We’d love to journey alongside you, as you travel this exciting and unpredictable missional journey. Consider working with our team of coaches.

Cultivating missional movements

If you are ready to take a more comprehensive holistic approach to sustaining a missional movement over the long haul, we can help you with the plan to get there.

Barnabas Coach Training system

Barn­abas Coach Training is a turnkey system that develops coaches within a local church or min­istry. Any leader can facil­i­tate this training on your own turf.