Missional Church Planters Toolkit

The Missional Church Planters Toolkit is not just a book. It’s a digital resource with embedded videos and downloadables designed for next generation disciplemaking and church planting. This just-in-time delivery system includes relevant exercises to work through with your team at every stage of the church planting journey. If you want to walk strategically through a high-quality proven process, The Missional Church Planters Toolkit walks right alongside you as you lead your team.

Why another toolkit? Times have changed. The world around us has changed and how people think about church has changed. We are now planting churches in a world that isn’t looking for churches. Just putting out your shingle doesn’t work anymore. The Missional Church Planter’s Toolkit assumes that type of “missionary” context. The toolkit builds on timeless, proven principles, allowing you the freedom to experiment in how you apply those principles to making disciples and starting churches in your particular context.

Here’s the core process we’re working within:

  • Engaging culture
  • Forming missional communities
  • Developing leaders
  • Multiplying movements

What we have developed here is a principle-based framework that doesn’t assume a particular model. Instead, it’s a simple way to put tools into the hands of planters who — together with their teams — can determine how God wants them to apply those tools in their specific ministry setting. In other words, we don’t tell you what to do: we give you the right questions and tools to figure it out.

Available in 2015.