Barnabas Coach Training

Through this preparation process, you can be trained to coach others within your church or ministry. Coming alongside others to disciple them, helping them use their gifts and find their callings, and developing them as leaders is an absolutely integral role in the church. Like Barnabas, you will serve as an encourager to those around you, helping to empower them in their lives and ministries.

This training process is comprised of six sessions, each focusing on different aspects of coaching. Some basic content is delivered via video (see sample below), then the onsite facilitator will walk you through exercises and discussions to help you process and practice the concepts.

Here are the six topical areas we’ll be working through together:

  • The Coaching Experience: An introduction to coaching and the coaching process
  • Discovery Listening: Learn and practice essential listening skills
  • Powerful Questions: Learn and practice skills for asking good questions
  • Creating Awareness: Help those you coach reflect on their options
  • Designing Actions: Help those you coach develop clear plans for moving forward with their goals.
  • Moving Forward: Help those you coach stay on track

The Barnabas Coach Training System is integrated with MyCoachLog. Licensees must keep a current subscription with MyCoachLog to continue using the BCT system.

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The Power of Coaching

View the following video from Session 1 where Bob Logan discusses how powerful coaching can be and talks about why he is a coach:

[After watching the video, the facilitator initiates a discussion.]

Small group discussion: How have you benefited from coaching?


Each session includes 8-10 short video segments with small group discussion, personal reflection, and practice in pairs and triads.

Between sessions, the facilitator will have individual coaching conversations with participants using the MyCoachLog tool.


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