Missional Coach Training

Ready to start growing and supporting missional ministry in your organization? Maybe missional coach training is the direction for you.

If you’re involved in missional, incarnational, kingdom ministry, the next step for you may be learning how to coach others toward that type of ministry—to coach them in such a way that develops new leaders right out of the missional activity you’re already doing.

Do you want to learn how to…

  • Apply missional, incarnational theory to real-life situations?
  • Establish credibility and connection with missional leaders so you can coach them?
  • Help leaders develop and adapt sustainable systems as their missional ministry grows?
  • Guide leaders toward discovering contextual, outside-the-box solutions?
  • Encourage a multiplication outlook that flows from the reproducible nature of missional living?

We have two types of training processes: one is geared toward raising up ministry coaches within local church settings and the other is geared toward those who would be coaching in a network or denominational capacity.

For more information on either of these two options, contact us at