Barnabas Coach Training Manual

This manual is designed for participants in the Barnabas Coach Training System. Through this prepa­ra­tion process, you can be trained to coach others within your church or min­istry. Coming along­side others to dis­ciple them, helping them use their gifts and find their call­ings, and devel­oping them as leaders is an absolutely inte­gral role in the church. Like Barn­abas, you will serve as an encour­ager to those around you, helping to empower them in their lives and ministries. This training process is com­prised of six sessions, each focusing on dif­ferent aspects of coaching. Some basic con­tent is deliv­ered via video, then the onsite facil­i­tator will walk you through exer­cises and dis­cus­sions to help you process and prac­tice the concepts. Here are the six top­ical areas we’ll be working through together:

  • The Coaching Expe­ri­ence: An intro­duc­tion to coaching and the coaching process
  • Dis­covery Lis­tening: Learn and prac­tice essen­tial lis­tening skills
  • Pow­erful Ques­tions: Learn and prac­tice skills for asking good questions
  • Cre­ating Aware­ness: Help those you coach reflect on their options
  • Designing Actions: Help those you coach develop clear plans for moving for­ward with their goals.
  • Moving For­ward: Help those you coach stay on track



Price: $25.00

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