Barnabas Coach Training Facilitated Study Course

Barnabas Coach Training:

Called Alongside to Help

Barnabas Coach Training is a turnkey system that develops coaches within a local church or ministry. Any leader can facilitate this training on your own turf…

      • without flying your people to a training event
      • without hiring a trainer to come in and speak to your people
      • without asking your laypeople to commit large chunks of time


Barnabas Coach Training makes developing quality coaches at the grassroots level doable.

This training process is comprised of six sessions, which can be spread out over a six-month period. Each session focuses on a different aspect of coaching, and the timing allows people to put what they are learning into practice between sessions. Some basic content is delivered via video, then an on-site facilitator can walk people through the exercises and discussions to help them process and practice the concepts.

The six session topics include:    

  • The Coaching Experience: An introduction to coaching and the coaching process
  • Discovery Listening: Learn and practice essential listening skills
  • Powerful Questions: Learn and practice skills for asking good questions
  • Creating Awareness: Help those you coach reflect on their options
  • Designing Actions: Help those you coach develop clear plans to move toward their goals
  • Moving Forward: Help those you coach stay on track

Through this customized preparation process, followers of Jesus are trained to coach others within a local church or ministry: coming alongside others to disciple them, helping them use their gifts and find their calling, and developing emerging leaders. Like Barnabas, they will serve as an encourager to those around them, empowering others in their lives and ministries.

The License includes Facilitator's Guide and access to all Six Video Sessions.

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Note: The Barnabas Coach Training System is integrated with MyCoachLog. Licensee is required to maintain a current subscription with to continue using the BCT System.




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